Book review: Love For Slaughter – Sara Tantlinger

Check out this bloody good review of LOVE FOR SLAUGHTER!

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I like my poetry like I like my steak….bloody. Sara Tantlinger’s Love For Slaughter certainly isn’t for the prude, nor is it for those who are put off by a little gore and guts in their verse. I had a really hard time putting this collection down and its clever mixture of shorter and longer poems really struck a chord with me. There is a smouldering, dark, sexy vibe to this collection that I really enjoyed. Let’s dig in!

I also like poetry that speaks to me; like when I’m reading stories, with poetry I still want that picture to form inside of my mind and Sara Tantlinger’s collection does this with ease. I loved the shorter vignettes: The Filth in You, Notch Post and Unstitched, whilst short they are no less shocking and cutting pieces, leaving deep marks that will take time to heal. I found they broke things up…

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