Delicious Horror: KP Kulski

Today I am very excited to bring you K.P. Kulski’s other two contributions to Delicious Horror! If you missed her first one, which was a dinner inspired by Paul Tremblay’s A Head Full of Ghosts, check out that post here, which also features Becca’s very yummy ghostly cupcakes. You can also check out submission guidelines here if you want to contribute to Delicious Horror.

Today, K.P. brings us treats inspired by Sara Gran’s Come Closer and Hailey Piper’s Benny Rose, The Cannibal King. Speaking of Hailey, she might just have a Delicious Horror post of her own this week, so stay tuned! Enjoy the posts below as K.P. takes us deeper into each book.

K.P. Kulski’s short fiction has appeared in Unnerving Magazine, anthologies Not All Monsters and Typhon Vol. 2. She holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, an MA in History and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and Air Force. She has a special interest in feminist horror, historical horror and stories that examine Korean-American experiences. Her debut novel, Fairest Flesh will be released by Strangehouse Books in December.

She can be found at or via twitter @garnetonwinter.

KP: Come Closer. Can a book title be more tantalizing? Then you figure out that it’s about demonic possession and holy, GIVEMETHATBOOKNOWTYVM. I love that Sara Gran’s Come Closer gives us a glimpse into the protagonist’s internal fight for control. This is the heart of the terror because as a reader we identify with Amanda, yet with each step she slips away. Or does she?

Naamah, a demon found in Jewish mysticism is all about seduction and taking what she wants. There’s a point that the edges of the demon, Naamah and Amanda blur. Come Closer is a brilliant little read and probably a bit too identifiable for many women who have learned to embody the empty patriarchal pursuit of being good girls. Naamah finds that emptiness and fills it with decadence, impulsivity and pleasure.

Because of this I felt that what I paired with Come Closer had to give off the same feeling. There needed to be alcohol involved and then in my mind, I could see a glass of deep red Sangria in Naamah’s uplifted grip. It seemed just right.

I don’t know about everyone, but Sangria has a tendency to sneak up on me if I’m not careful. It’s refreshing sweetness makes it too easy to feel like I’m drinking fancy juice and it isn’t hard to drink too much without realizing it, not all that different from Amanda’s harrowing experience with Naamah. I opted for frozen dark red cherries and cherry infused apple juice with a solid red wine to give it a deep scarlet color. I added the cherries still frozen to help chill the Sangria. You can add grenadine if you like more sweetness. I’m pretty sure Naamah would have used grenadine.

I purchased with the best contact-free delivery red wine (look I’m on a budget) and cherry apple juice. The ratio of wine to juice is all your judgement call. I used the bottle of wine with 2/3 of the bottle of juice. But really the thing that makes this simple Sangria is the dark red cherries. These soak up the wine, combining to create a treat to consume after you’ve drained the glass. I used one apple and about half an orange, mostly for the contrast in color. Cut these up, then add the cherries. Go ahead, free yourself, pour as many of those beauties as you’d think Naamah would like, I mean you. YOU would like.

As you sip your glass, think about what it would mean for you to be free and what exactly are your true desires? Perhaps what Naamah really means to show us is that if we don’t indulge sometimes, we become easy husks for her to bring back to life. But her way includes much more blood.

So go ahead. Enjoy the Sangria. Live a little.

KP: If you haven’t heard of Hailey Piper, you will.

I eagerly await her upcoming novella, The Worm and His Kings from Off Limits Press. But this pairing is all about Benny Rose, the Cannibal King. Guys, Benny is indeed the king of cannibals and this novella is a work of gory fun. You can’t help but enjoy the ride and then at some point you realize, oh shit, Piper is telling us something more. I can’t share with you exactly what, that is something you’ll just have to read to find out.

BUT I can tell you, it is this that made me fall in love with the book. It is more than entertainment and I always dig stories that give me something deeper to ponder. My pairing… you see, there is a particular scene that has stuck with me where Benny takes a bite out of someone’s head and well, I KNEW that I had to make candy apples for Benny and they had to be pale like Benny’s naked belly. *shiver*

All the credit for this recipe goes to the 1 Fine Cookie food blog. Now this is my first time making candy apples, so my little project pales in comparison. Nonetheless, I’m still quite proud of the blood-splattered dead-flesh, I mean white chocolate with red “festive” flecks apples. The nice thing about working with the white chocolate is that it coats the apples rather easily. You want to be sure to let that coating sit and harden before adding the flecks, or drips if you prefer to give off that Halloween vibe. My daughter wouldn’t eat these particular apples because they were “way too creepy.” So I think Benny would approve. (I used some sprinkles for the other apples so my daughter would consider them acceptable food.)

Excuse me now. Time for a snack before dinner.

Oh, and, have a bloody good Halloween.

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