Forthcoming: StokerCon 2021 (virtual)


Virtual Events

October 20th: Scream Queens Panel with Michelle R. Lane, Kathe Koje, Gwendolyn Kiste and Sara Tantlinger

Scream Queens Panel

October 24th: HWA Pittsburgh Chapter Online Reading

Hoping to see everyone again in 2021 at StokerCon!

Past Events:

PulpFest 2019 — Attended and participated in poetry reading

IYWM Alumni Weekend and Book Signing 2019

StokerCon 2019, Grand Rapids, Michigan

2018 Book Signing at Seton Hill University’s IYWM Alumni Weekend

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 2.21.55 PM
At the 2018 IYWM book signing, I obtained an early copy of Paul Tremblay’s latest novel, and Tremblay took home Love For Slaughter!

StokerCon 2018, Providence, RI
*Participated on three panels: Women in Horror Month, Breaking Barriers with Horror Poetry, and Terrifying Teaching Tactics
*Participated in a shared reading slot and read work from Love For Slaughter, 100 Word Horrors, and an upcoming poetry collection

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 2.26.24 PM
The Women in Horror Panel at StokerCon 2018 with Carol Gyzander, Amber Newberry Izzo, Sara Tantlinger, Meghan Arcuri-Moran, K.E. Scheiner, and Linda Addison

StokerCon 2017 (attended), Long Beach, CA

World Horror Con 2016 (attended), Provo, UT