The Devil’s Dreamland: Poetry Inspired by H.H. Holmes


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Love For Slaughter







Individual Poems:

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Breaking Stars like Wishbones” – Space and Time Magazine Issue #135
Diaphanous” – HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VI
Fated to Die” – Darkling’s Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side
Lucid Dreamer” – Twisted Moon Mag
“Bone Coven,” Rooted,” and “Aphotic Daybreak”The Siren’s Call Publication
Bloodbuzz of Ravens” –Haunted Are These Houses
Her Pretense Tastes of Peppermint” – I Don’t Want to Play this Game Anymore Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.33.23 AM
“Heart Roaches,” “Soil and Ash,” and “Epoch of Island Mirages”The Horror Zine
Amalgamation“- HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. V, top 3 featured poem
Hushed“- Untimely Frost: Poetry Unthawed
Flesh Floret“- Death’s Garden: Reaper Black Book Series, Vol. I.
In the Time of Darkness” –The Sunlight Press
Bubonic Litany,” “I Bleed Earth,” “Carmine Castles” – Dissections Horror E-Zine
Shadow Sustenance” – Abyss and Apex, poem was nominated for a Pushcart Prize
The Wolf of Moscow“- The Five-Two
“Dead Bride Philosophy”– Issue #128 Space and Time Magazine, poem was nominated for a Rhysling Award
“Piranha Tongue” Page & Spine
“Dangerous Honesties” The Five-Two
“Veins of Ink” The Literary Hatchet issue #14
“Ashes and Sun Thread”Liquid Imagination
“Rot Inside You”– HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. II
Love Me Like A Murder Scene”–  The Five-Two
“Apart in Layers”
“The Nightmare Herder” (along with two photographs)- SFPA
“Charred”, “Sparrow Spine”, “Vegas Splatter”Dead Snakes
“The Storm Giver”Eye Contact

Eye Contact poems: “Cardinal Shades”, “Scarecrow Love”, “Like Paper Hearts”, and “The Avant-Garde Painter”

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