National Poetry Month 2022

Happy National Poetry Month! To help celebrate, I put together a list of paying poetry markets that you can find below. Make sure to always read the guidelines carefully as some issues are seeking pieces about certain themes and have specific rules — and also read the issues and zines before submitting so you can understand what the editors are looking for!

Poetry Markets:

The HWA Poetry Showcase — This is only open to HWA members at any level. Angela Yuriko Smith will be the editor for the volume. This year’s judges, along with Angela, will include Lee Murray and Maxwell I. Gold.

*Payment: The HWA will pay contributors a one-time fee of $10.00 (ten USD). Contributors will also receive a paperback copy of the volume. 

*Submissions will close May 31 at 11:59PM Pacific. 

Eye to the Telescope — the current theme for issue 45 is Veterans of Alien Wars, which will be edited by Deborah L. Davitt.

*Deadline: June 15. The issue will appear on July 15, 2022.

*US 3¢/word rounded up to nearest dollar; minimum US $3, maximum $25

The Threepenny Review — literary and review magazine

*$200 per poem or Table Talk piece

Anathema — Guidelines: “You must be both queer/two-spirit and a person of colour/Indigenous/Aboriginal* to submit to Anathema.

Payment: $150 (CAD) for fiction, $75 (CAD) for poetry

Dreams and Nightmares Magazine

*Payment is $12 on acceptance + 1 contributor’s copy

Strange Horizons: “The submission window for the SEA Special Issue will run from 28th February to 30th of April. As Southeast Asia is technically in the future for the rest of the world, the window will close at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.”

*pay rate for new poetry is $50 (U.S.) per poem

FIYAH: “FIYAH is a quarterly speculative fiction magazine that features stories by and about Black people of the African Diaspora. This definition is globally inclusive (Black anywhere in the world) and also applies to mixed/biracial and Afro-appended people regardless of gender identity or orientation.”

July 2022: Food and Cuisine – Submission Window Open March 1st – April 30th, 2022

Poetry: $50 USD

The Sun: “We publish personal essays, fiction, and poetry. Personal stories that touch on political and cultural issues are welcome.”

Poetry payment — $100 to $250

Asimov’s Science Fiction

*$1 a line for poetry, which should not exceed 40 lines.

Jellyfish Review: “In March and April, 2022, we are looking for Memorable Characters. All accepted work will be paid a $25 honorarium… and our very favourite Memorable Character piece will get $100! Wooh!”

*Looking for prose poetry, no line break poetry

Open Call: Infection Poetry

Calling all speculative poets! I am so excited to be guest editing an issue of Eye to the Telescope. My theme is INFECTION. Check out the guidelines here and submit your deadly contagions and viruses. Please read the guidelines carefully — The INFECTION issue’s open call ends June 15 before a different editor and a different theme take over for the next round!

Eye to the Telescope 33, Infection, will be edited by Sara Tantlinger.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 6.23.47 PMInfection is defined as an invasion of an organism’s body tissue, or the presence of a virus within a system. These disease-causing agents and their spreading toxins can lurk anywhere, whether at the bottom of a deadly swamp, floating in space, or perhaps already waiting in the body for the right time to conquer their host. Send me your diseases and pathogens, whether it’s an Earthly virus or from the realms and stars beyond. Tell me about the bacteria lurking beneath your skin, the sticky sickness deep in your gut, or how the infection of love drove you to madness.

Any format of speculative poetry is welcome—free verse, formal verse, etc. are all wonderful as long as the ideas are original, evocative, and send an infectious idea into my brain that I can’t stop thinking about. Get creative with those contagious agents using bodies as homes or breeding grounds, and really make me think about what kind of suffering and darkness they can inflict.

See full guidelines here