Women in Horror 2020: NOT ALL MONSTERS

full jacket hardcover

Full wrap for hardcover edition — Artwork by Don Noble

Find the bios for the 21 amazing individuals behind the Not All Monsters here! Support these amazing writers by checking out their websites, works, and more!

Roundtable Discussion with the authors of Not All Monsters:

February 3rd (unfortunately my website has violently eaten this page and it may be lost forever, but the other questions still work!) — Question 1: Without giving away any spoilers, tell us a little bit about your story in the Not All Monsters anthology. What’s the title? Was there any particular inspiration behind the tale?

February 10th — Question 2: If you could transport yourself to any time period and place for a year to write a book that took place in that same setting, where would you choose to go?

February 17th — Question 3: What would be your dream job besides being a successful author?

February 24th — Question 4: How do you think being a writer has helped you as a person? Who are some contemporary women in horror that you love reading?