Women in Horror 2022: Chromophobia

Happy Women in Horror Month! This year, I am doing a roundtable with many of the authors from the forthcoming Chromophobia — an anthology of horror stories inspired by colors. Join me in getting to know the authors better!

Chromophobia (paperback) will be released this fall, but if you’re interested in the limited hardcover that features special art exclusive to it, check that out here.

I’ll be posting a roundtable every Friday, and you can also check out all of the author bios here.

March 4th: Let’s start with a little icebreaker. You can have dinner or a drink with any fictional character, who do you choose and what are you eating or drinking with them?

March 11th: I think horror is such an eclectic genre. We have a ton of great sub-genres that stem from it, and horror also allows writers to push past a lot of boundaries. What draws you to writing horror in particular?

March 18th: I always love reading recommendations, so I have to ask, who are some contemporary women in horror who we should be reading? Any favorite books by women in horror that you hope other people will check out if they haven’t yet?

March 25th: Without giving away any big spoilers, tell us a little bit about your story in Chromophobia. How did color (or colors) inspire the tale? Please feel free to share any other general thoughts on how color can influence a story, especially a horror story.