Guest Posts, Interviews, Articles

Guest Blog Posts and Interviews:

Cristina Isabel interviews me for Women in Horror Month
Slaughter in Dreamland: Interview with Sara Tantlinger by Gwendolyn Kiste
A Deviant Eloquence: The Words of H.H. Holmes– featured on Ink Heist
Fiction Fragments Interview– Featured on Michelle R. Lane’s “Girl Meets Monster” blog
Writing What You Don’t Know – Featured on author Erik Hofstatter’s blog
How Poetry can Strengthen Your Prose–Β Featured at Hook of a Book!
Unzip Your Darkness” – Horror Tree,Β Women in Horror Month guest post

I interviewed my friend, writer and filmmaker Kourtnea Hogan, for Women in Horror Month, which is featured on Hook of a Book!

“The Write Awakening” (on Kate Chopin) – Unbound